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15 Global Stress Points

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Friday, July 8, 2011

15 Global Stress Points

According to Oxford Analytica, there are 15 “Global Stress Points” ranging from medium to extreme high impact to the entire world. These are listed below ranked by their potential impact.

  1. Dollar Collapse
  2. Taiwan / China Armed Hostility
  3. Israel / Iran Armed Conflict
  4. Mexico State Hollowing
  5. Global Protectionism
  6. Latin America Hydrocarbon Disruption
  7. Iraq State Institutions Collapse
  8. Russia Military Aggression
  9. End of Euro
  10. India / Pakistan War
  11. Pakistan State Collapse
  12. Argentina Sovereign Default 2.0
  13. North Korea Military Conflict
  14. War in North Africa
  15. Lebanon Civil War
  • Dollar Collapse

  • Taiwan / China Armed Hostility

  • Israel / Iran Armed Conflict

  • Mexico State Hollowing

  • Global Protectionism

  • Latin America Hydrocarbon Disruption

  • Iraq State Institutions Collapse

  • Russia Military Aggression

  • End of Euro

  • India / Pakistan War

  • Pakistan State Collapse

  • Argentina Sovereign Default 2.0

  • North Korea Military Conflict

  • War in North Africa

  • Lebanon Civil War
  • (Click to enlarge) Chart Source: Oxford Analytica
    It can give us Europeans some comfort that the euro’s demise is surprisingly not as big a deal as the Dollar Collapse or a China/Taiwan war.

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