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IMF bracing for financial tsunami

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IMF bracing for financial tsunami

It seems the IMF is bracing for an economic tsunami raising his special funding from $80 to $580 billion, estimates for a Portuguese bailout are envisioning a possible figure of $99 billion which will be shared among IMF and EU, even considering an almost certain Portuguese bailout which would be covered with the current IMF arrangement, what is the IMF preparing for that would require $500 billion? Spain? or even worst Italy or Belgium?

from Dow Jones:

Activating access to the funding pool could provide assurance to the market of the IMF’s ability to backstop any major funding crisis amid ongoing fears that Europe’s sovereign debt woes will worsen. The IMF board recently approved a boost to the so-called New Arrangements To Borrow, bringing the special pool of funding to around $580 billion, adding several hundred billion dollars to the total amount the fund has to tap. According to the IMF, the pool of supplementary resources are only to be activated when “needed to forestall or cope with a threat to the international monetary system.”

Although no request has been made, markets, analysts and economists say rejection by the Portuguese parliament Wednesday of a belt-tightening budget all but sealed the likelihood Lisbon will request aid from the IMF and the European Union.

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